(Image by  Alli .)

(Image by Alli.)

It is a real privilege to be photographing weddings, and my absolute honour to be experiencing and capturing those once in a lifetime moments between two loved ones. 

I am lucky enough to be photographing weddings all over the world. From weddings here in Germany to Switzerland, Greece and even Australia. Each wedding I've photographed has given me the opportunity to witness some of the most magical moments in a couple´s life together. With no two weddings ever the same, my passion, creativity and motivation for this work is always growing.

I always aim to blend into your day like I was just one of your guests. Capturing special moments when you're not aware I'm there, as well as having a lot of fun together on any specific shoots you might request throughout the day.

As my experience has grown and evolved, I have increasingly favoured a more documentary style of wedding photography. This means I'm always on the look out to capture those rare and special moments that truly tell the story of your wedding day in a way no words ever could.

Thanks for taking the time to explore my work. 

I look forward to chatting more with you and hearing all about your plans for your special day.

Oh, and yes, I am German. So please don´t hesitate to contact me in German.